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All user accounts created at BUZZZ are the property of the service provider. Each user is allowed to open only one user account, which shall be terminated by the BUZZZ editor with no prior notice in the event of unauthorized use of the account and/or infringement of these Conditions of Use. BUZZZ editors shall not be held responsible for any damage which might arise from the termination of the BUZZZ user account. User is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the account and immediate reporting of its unauthorized use. BUZZZ editors shall not be held responsible for any damage which might arise from such use. User agrees to be solely responsible for regularly reviewing Conditions of Use. By using BUZZZ site, User signifies his agreement to these Conditions of Use.


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–         use offensive user names
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–     publish, upload or otherwise make available any material protected by intellectual property laws
–    publish, upload or otherwise make available any material that contains viruses, worms, Trojan horses or any other malicious software which may harm other computer software or hardware etc.
–        post links to other Internet sites or promote other Internet sites
–        use keys, hacks, cracks or illegal download sites
–       engage in unlawful multi-level marketing, such as pyramidal schemes, as well as distribute chain mails, junk, spam, etc.
–    misrepresent your identity with the purpose of deceiving other users
–     collect, store or publish other users’ content or information
–    publish, upload or exchange improper and unwanted contents with other users without their prior consent.
BUZZZ editors shall not be held accountable in any manner for contents uploaded, published, exchanged, sent or commented by users. The User is alone responsible for all contents and comments published or uploaded using his username. BUZZZ editors reserve the immediate right to terminate accounts and ban users from using BUZZZ in the event of infringement of Conditions of Use or legal provisions. BUZZZ editors reserve the right to delete or edit any published or uploaded text or comment without prior notice should they deem necessary. IP addresses of all uploads shall be collected and permanently stored in our database with the purpose of identification and taking legal action against offenders of these Conditions of Use.


All content included on BUZZZ Internet site is protected by copyright laws. The owners of BUZZZ and Design for you LTD have copyrighted all content they developed (textual and visual materials, databases and program code). The authors of published and uploaded texts (materials) created under this Conditions of Use cede the right to use (sell, publish, reproduce, distribute, rent, print etc.) their literary works to BUZZZ. The authors of the literary works which are to be used (especially sold, published, reproduced and distributed) shall receive an appropriate fee depending on the type and extent to which the literary work is used, its financial success, its genre and length, duration of usage on the market etc. The fee shall be proportionally divided in percentage points, according to the participation of each author in final published version of the literary work (number of paragraphs).Underage users are allowed to take part in creating books, but all issues pertaining to their public appearances, distribution of the book which was (partially) created by an underage user, or taking part of the underage user in the division of the fee granted for the book must be approved by their legal representative (a parent, a custodian, etc.).No material from BUZZZ site (User’s own or belonging to other Users) may be altered, borrowed, sold, published, distributed, reproduced or used with any other commercial purpose without the prior written permission of the BUZZZ editor and other copyright owners. Even when such permission is granted, the data pertaining to copyright and /or trademark may not be altered or removed. Unauthorized use of any section of BUZZZ site and its content without the prior written permission of BUZZZ editor and all other copyright owners shall be deemed copyright violation and subject to legal action. BUZZZ editors take no responsibility and assume no liability for any damage caused by uploading any literary work created by the third author by registered users of BUZZZ, who shall, by accepting these Conditions of Use, be aware of regulations and legal actions which may be undertaken by the third parties regarding protection of their copyright. User guarantees that published or uploaded text (material) is his sole property and that he is responsible for safeguarding the BUZZZ editors from charges and damage claims filed by third parties towards BUZZZ editors related to the content of published or uploaded material, because User guarantees that he solely is to be held responsible for creation and content of published or uploaded material and is obliged to take all measures necessary to protect BUZZZ editors from abovementioned legal actions taken by the third parties. In relation to the abovementioned, User is obliged to compensate any damage caused to BUZZZ editors by legal actions of third parties related to published or uploaded text (material).If you believe that BUZZZ infringed your copyright, please let us know by e-mailing us at the address published at Site Notice. Your complaint shall be processed as soon as it is received. After we establish the accuracy of your complaint, the contents referred to in your complaint shall be removed from the BUZZZ site.


BUZZZ editors observe User’s privacy and confidentiality of User’s personal data to all possible extent, except in the event of severe infringement of Conditions of Use or illegal activities of the User, in case of which BUZZZ editors shall, upon written request by bodies of state government or other persons involved, distribute User’s personal data according to the written request. BUZZZ editors store User’s personal data User provided during the registration process and during User’s regular use of BUZZZ (such as provider and computer logs). User’s personal data, such as first and last name, date of birth, address, phone number, etc. may be collected and stored only if they are voluntarily provided by the User himself. BUZZZ editors use the information collected from Users in order to find out more about Users’ profiles, demands, preferences and improve BUZZZ website and additionally adjust BUZZZ contents to Users and other visitors. BUZZZ editors shall not make Users’ personal data available or sell it to third parties without prior consent of the Users. In case publishing companies show interest in literary work made by BUZZZ Users who had not provided their personal information, the BUZZZ editors shall ask those Users to provide their personal information with the sole purpose of listing them as authors of the book and subsequent participation in the division of the fee. BUZZZ site is constructed with the maximal protection of underage persons’ rights and privacy. Hence, BUZZZ editor’s note that they do not collect, use or reveal information that would enable contacting underage persons through BUZZZ.


By using BUZZZ site, Users / Guests accept all risks arising from use of the site and accept to use BUZZZ contents solely for their own personal use and at their own responsibility. BUZZZ editors completely waive responsibility which may arise from or is in any manner related to using BUZZZ site, as well as for any misuse of BUZZZ contents by User or Guest and any damage inflicted to User, Guest or any third party related to use or misuse BUZZZ contents. BUZZZ contains information and links to other Internet sites created by third parties which are to be marked as such whenever possible. BUZZZ editors have no jurisdiction over such sites and therefore completely waive responsibility for their contents. This especially pertains to accuracy, completeness and availability of contents on Internet sites created by third parties. BUZZZ editors take no responsibility for contents of linked Internet sites of advertisers or any damage which might arise from promotion of third parties on BUZZZ site. Business relationship between advertiser and User / Guest of BUZZZ site is based solely on business agreement between the advertiser and the User / Guest and BUZZZ editors waive any responsibility for damage which might arise from such relationship.


Each registered User may at any time ask for review of all personal information he voluntarily provided to BUZZZ. Upon User’s request, BUZZZ editors and administrators may update, correct or delete the data, or terminate their usage. Each registered User may at any time ask for review of his works or report on the status of his literary work (publishing of a book etc.).