How does it all work?

It’s pretty simple.

You can download mobile application from one of the store’s (iOS, Windows Phone or Android) and login with your dedicated account. Smartphone keeps login and password and each time you run screen’s on it download’s data from specially made CMS. This CMS is called honeycomb© and its made for kindergartens. Teacher use it to input data on sleep, nutrition and activities of your child. When we developed both and honeycomb© the security was our primary objective – so we use top of the line technologies in-order to keep data safe.

application made for you

What it dose?

It keeps you informed about development of your child when you are not around…

Mobile platform's

/ all important anyhow /

iOS, Windows Phone and Android

We have made mobile application on 3 major platforms just for you…

How to

use and paticipate link's with honeycomb

You can download from Store’s and login with you account from

My kindergaten

does not use honeycomb

not a problem

honeycomb© is easy to use! Kindergartens can register on-line, show them – inform them if we didn’t already…

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What does it all do?

Just what you need.

Modern parents and grandparents have a lot of obligation’s – work, home, friends etc. Because of our lifestyle sometimes we tend to forget. Have you ever arranged a meeting in the same time when your child had a play or sport’s? If your answer is YES then is what you need. We use something every day that has a power to change that forever. Mobile apps and smart phones can help us be better in our roles as guardians of our kids. APP will help you receive activities – announcements and add them to your calendar. Via navigation in your smartphone will guide you to that activity. If a child didn’t like the food that day in the kindergarten will deliver that information. Now you can stop on your way to kindergarten and buy a favorite pastry. Your child will be less nervous and can achieve what it sets for its self. Keep track of sleeping with sleep log and continue with education / development at home. Be a modern parent and make your life easier by using



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