HELLO! We met in Vegas!

hope u didn’t try to gamble with our chips and got arrested 🙂

markoKMarko Krznaric

JAA-200Boris Lemic
Director of Marketing

Our team has developed Buzzz and ERP for educational institutions and in our home-country of Croatia it is used by more then 20 years at over 500 institutions. Education is our business and helping teachers, institutions and parents is what we do. Buzzz, the app that you have seen on our stand D153 – May 5th (Day 1) dose just that and in just a month from launch is already in use by more then 250 parents and 10 kindergartens.

If you want to find more information on Buzzz just follow the links in upper corner of the site. In case that more info is needed on our company just go to www.t4s.hr.